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Originally Posted by Zuul View Post
Believe it or not. Zessica is not the psycho bitch you all want her to be.
...Really? Just because we point out she's not always a nice person suddenly we think is a 'psycho bitch' ?

Last I've checked, you're the one using that term.

Originally Posted by Zuul View Post
No. It's just another character flaw. Bad taste in men.
Yes, cause apparently she only likes guys that aren't interested in her (which incidentally would imply another set of negative attributes).

Regardless it doesn't change the fact that's she's suffering because of it, so it can be viewed as a form of appropriate retribution.

Originally Posted by Zuul View Post
Amata needed one of the most convenient and clichéd type of situation you usually find in those lame harem mangas
*clap clap*

Once again you successful forgotten all the things I've said about that episode. You know, the part about 'It's the little things that matters as much'?

Doesn't ring a bell? Hmm strange... We've only gone through it like...TWICE already.
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