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kuromitsu: that's what my "positional continuity" line was addressing. On the one hand, perhaps it is as it appears, she turned to leave and just tripped (though why was she leaving?..they didn't seem done hanging out...). Or perhaps it's like with their position vis-a-vis that large tree in this week's episode, where some (insignificant) continuity got sacrificed for better storytelling. In any case, it's at best ambiguous, but it's another little lightbulb that went off, hence sharing the idea.

I don't really have it out for Zessica -- really -- but I find it interesting how different everyone's reads on her are vis-a-vis the other characters. For the others we all seem to have the same ideas about what kind of characters they are, we just disagree about how we feel about them; Zessica's still open-ended enough that there's still plenty of disagreement about why type of character she is.

And I agree it's interesting how much focus Yunoha and Jin are getting, but I'm just going to wait and see how things turn out rather than speculate about the future.
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