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Damn, that was a great episode. Probably my second favorite so far. We got to see some of the Type-00s as well at the beginning. I hope the VN will show more about that battle since based from the visuals in the anime, it made Kamiyo, Tomoe, and Ebisu look far more skilled than those guys. Ah... It hurts to see those Takemi getting destroyed especially when you consider how expensive those ornate and sublime machines are.

Also, this Eishi looks very familiar... I'm trying to collect my thoughts at the moment, but I swear I saw her somewhere before.

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The Shiranui looked so cool when it drew its knife and fought in melee. It was short, but Yuuya manage to demonstrate his skills as a vanguard once again. Phase 1 sure can take so much damage, and still be operational. Good thing it wasn't the regular Type-94 he was on. Well, I'm sure the Stella fans are happy that their queen is safe and sound. It seemed like it was the biggest concern in these past few days.

Yay, Latrova is back next week.

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