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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
what a darn cliffhanger!!! I still need to wait for a week to know what happens next!

Yui was extremely cute on this episode "you can call me Yui" ah super dere mode is on. We are also shown of Yui's past but really ..... a Takemikazuchi was taken down by 1 fort class. It feels good and looks good but seem out of place. Plus its colored blue. I maybe not familiar with TSF but that one looks special. Reminds me of the blue one that Takaruga used though not sure. I'm sure Tsukuyomi used red and the 3 idiots used white and there are black ones that are many in Sadogashima attack.

Aaah..... I'm not familiar with it so I will not act like I know it but I know that Takemikazuchi packs a punch and cost a lot but it got taken down .... rather easily if you ask me.
Well they were up against 20,000+ BETA, and dialog indicates they were vastly outnumbered and were stalling for as much time as they can while the Imperial army retreats.
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