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The way to hell is paved with good intentions.

A genius like him should have known better, but he didn't care as long he could play god.
What did he expect would happen after he kidnapped people and forced them to play this death game? The outcome was obvious.

Originally Posted by Oroboro View Post
Can't have a world without people.
Then he has to accept the reality that people don't like to be kidnapped and forced to participate in a death game.

That Kabaya willingly played with human lifes is just not justifiable, never.
Or is it ok if I kidnap a couple of poeple and force them to fight for their lifes just because I'm a egomanic megalomaniac guy with a god compex that wants to create his new world? Heck no, it is not ok and it is not justifiable.

If people willingly want to play a game in where they can die, let them, but not like it happened in SAO.

And the morality discussion is important because it shows how much of sick *****... this mass murderer was.

Many of the biggest criminals in history have tried to create their own worlds with in their minds "good intentions" but on the way to this world they have direct or indirect killed millions of people.
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