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Originally Posted by Oroboro View Post
It's hard to direct hatred at someone who doesn't care.

Had Kirito made a bitter, impassioned speech at the end of episode 14, calling him a monster and casting the deaths of everyone at Kayaba's feet, I'm sure his only reaction would be to shrug and just walk away. Leaving him feeling empty and hollow, compared to the peaceful contentedness which with he chose to spend his (presumed) last moments instead.

And I think ultimately, Kirito understands Kayaba's dream, and his goal. In and of itself, the goal is not an evil thing. Only the methods used to achieve it.
Being held captive and being forced to fight in a death game is part of his word he created.
And this world he created, with his methods to assure that people would be forced to be in his world and that he had no problem with accepting the the death and suffering of thousends of people, is what is making him a monster.
He played with peoples lifes the moment he created this world and gave himself the right to play God. All his deeds demonstarte exactly what i said about him "he is an egomanic megalomaniac guy with a god compex".

And Hatred against people like him? From my point of view, no mater if he cares or not, he deserves to be hated and he has thrown away every rightno right to expect any form of pity or sympathy.

Originally Posted by Esebian View Post
Well sorry to say that, but that is how life works...people will always be pushed around by the people who have more might and rights than them with the corresponding results.

And although that may be madness, everybody accepts it.
Because there are people who accept nonsense like this, is the reason why the world is fucked up.
Fortunately, I live in a country where this madness is outlawed and the absolute majority doesn't accept it.
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