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I disagree. Recall how he regarded Asuna when she died by his sword... he just shruggs it off. He doesnt care that he just killed someone. No the only thing that caught his attention that she was able to move when logically she shouldn't have been able too. The same goes for after he "killed" kirito; he showed no remorse, emotion or care that he just committed murder. He is just cold and unfeeling. Heck if actually DID care about their lives, he would not have started this death game in the first place. He does not get satisfaction out of killing, but he has no remorse for it either.

Frankly, what you saw with heathcliff was more than likely nothing more than just an act. Afterall he was playing the role of the great leader and as such a leader must show compassion for his men. Heck under his command not a single player had to die as he could have just told them to sit back while he and his immortal body did all the work. His purpose as heathcliff was to keep pushing the players to risk their lives and you can't do that without pretending you care about their lives. Basically, he was just roleplaying.
Kayaba did not have any intentions to kill anyone and to a lot of people that makes a huge difference, it means he is still redeemable. Everyone deserves their chance to atone themselves unless they're a hopeless case, and Kayaba wasn't a hopeless case.

As for the "not caring" thing, do you have the time to take out of your day and think about everyone in the world who has died that you've never even met before? Cause I know I sure as hell don't. Why should Kayaba care about people he doesn't even know?

Here's a question... Why the boss set up? If all he wanted to do was to create his own realistic world, he could have just made it so that no one could get out of the game and thus be forced to live in his world. But no, he set up a series of DEADLY challenges that would give the thousands what they most desired; the freedom he stole from them. Furtharmore he himself even became a leading participant in the frontline fight to furthar encourage players to risk their lives. He WANTED players to risk their lives to fight to the top even knowing that most would be killed... this was more than creating a world and forcing people to live in it, as he was actively pushing them to put their lives to even greater risk... he was playing games with people's lives.
SAO was a fucking video game in the first place. Why wouldn't there be bosses and challenges to face? Over-analysing much?

Kayaba does not deserve anykind of sympathy; he didn't have noble goals, or a "greater good" storta reason. He was just a selfish monster that wanted to play in his own little world.
Y'know the more you talk like this the more you seem like some god's agent of justice trying to purge to world of sin or something. Seriously just get a grip. Condemning a fictional character to such an extreme degree just makes you look like a fool.

Yes that does happen in the world, except the people of the world are constantly trying to change that. Those that push around others are villians and the good people of society try to get rid of them; the only reason they remain because getting rid of them can be very difficult. Kayaba is no different than the rest of those monsters in the world and deserves nothing but contempt.
No. The realism of the situation is that crime and mistreatment of others is never going to go away no matter what people do. Primal human nature is savage and selfish, law is just something created by the weaker people to give them power over the strong and it's just been generally accepted by everyone now.
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