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Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
"Blowing everything up" might just be the way forward. You can't just take out Kim, you have to also take out the senior military personnel as well. Their headquarters is likely large enough that collateral damage is minimal.

And besides, while you might hit a few unfortunate innocent civilians, in the long run by offing the regime millions will be saved.

However, the Anarchy that follows the collapse of the regime might see a lot more people die.

In the end, I don't think anything should be done without the say so of South Korea and China. You would need a very swift response, with all interested parties presenting a unified front.

To get China on side, I'd give them something like 30 year rights to many of the mineral resources in North Korea, and a very large demilitarized "buffer" zone that the new "unified Korea" can't post troops within, and the removal of all US military bases from the peninsula.

As for South Korea, I'd get the US, China and Japan to foot a suitable portion of the bill required for North Korea's transition to a stable state.

As for the North Korean people, they should get enough development aid such that they have a guaranteed food supply, guaranteed employment and a "decent" standard of living during a suitably long "transition period", during which time they'll also receive educational resources to help them integrate into the modern world, and un-indoctrinate them, perhaps with classes given by the North Koreans defectors (who they might more easily identify with).
And you go take him and everything else around out with an airstrike....that not only takes out the rulers, but anyone else around. Civilians, workers etc.

That's like the best excuse ever for any militarist officer who takes over to declare all out revenge on the West and attempt to rampage down south the border. Sure it will end with the DPRK ceasing to exist but what you get in the end? A bloodbath...unless that's what you were aiming for from the get go of course.

It's like saying Iran's nuclear facilities and leaderships can be decapitated in one strike....not happening. And if you go to that extent....might as well just invade anyway.
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