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Are the two political parties really unable to comprehend the ramifications of diluting the rule-of-law that badly? I was concerned about this consequence the instant the Bush administration decided to treat terrorists like military warriors instead of criminals. The reverse was inevitable -- suddenly mere criminals were destined to be labeled terrorists and no due process was necessary.
If terrorists were treated like "military warriors" they'd be subject to the Geneva
convention rules.

As it is, terrorists don't wear uniforms, and don't (overtly) work for a nation-state.
Though they are covertly supported by nations like Iran & Pakistan, who want to
wage war deniably against other countries in order to avoid retaliation.

This puts terrorists in a nether region between criminals and soldiers.

Since terrorists are neither fish nor fowl, coming up with a legal framework for
dealing with them has been a rather knotty problem.

So administrations from both parties have simply decided: "If they serve no
country and follow no rules, then screw'em. We'll do as we please with them
whenever/wherever we find them."

And that is how we got to where we are today.

"when you endorse the application of a radical state power because the specific target happens to be
someone you dislike and think deserves it, you're necessarily institutionalizing that power in general.
That's why political leaders, when they want to seize extremist powers or abridge core liberties, always
choose in the first instance to target the most marginalized figures: because they know many people
will acquiesce not because they support that power in theory but because they hate the person targeted.
But if you cheer when that power is first invoked based on that mentality - I'm glad Obama assassinated
Awlaki without charges because he was a Bad Man! - then you lose the ability to object when the power
is used in the future in ways you dislike (or by leaders you distrust), because you've let it become

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