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Those who think that ROKA is outnumbered is looking at the wrong numbers.

- KPA has a nominal conscription length of 3~5 years, but effectively 10 years. ROKA has the effective conscription length of 2 years. Basically, the only reason KPA has a higher nominal troop number is because of the length of conscription, not effective conscription.
- While nominal reserves of KPA is 8,200,000, this includes virtually everyone of "reliable" political background from age 17-49, with most of them knowing only the simplest things and mostly used for logistics and construction (less than 20% are actual combat troops). The ROK Reserve Forces of 2,900,000 is to be a pure infantry fighting force, meaning in effective reserves the ROKA outnumbers the KPA.

I don't need to go into the logistical and technological differences, do I?
If majority of that 2.9m is the type of the bunch of 20-plus-year-old S-Koreans I used to regularly see at my local casino (and most of which the suits have to be called in to "escort out"), then I am putting my money on the North Koreans.

I thought I was one of those boys who don't turn to men post-conscription and still remain as a softie who grumbles and pouts, apparently these ones are worse. Trash talking the croupiers, behaving in an arrogant way when they are denied further alcohol, and attempting to attack security, then sobbing away when their old man couldn't negotiate with the CSO not to hand them over to the police for throwing cards/chips at a female staff and cutting her face.

Makes me want to smack them over their heads - didn't the army teach those boys something called humility? With that attitude any junior counterintelligence officer could easily flip them or be pissed off enough to put a round between their eyes should they get captured.

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