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I would think that unlike Singapore, South Korea does have a defined enemy and semi-state of war on its border. Even with the large numbers of US troops stationed there.
I think the term would be "defined enemy strategy" - NK does alot more of infiltration, flipping and sabotage than an outright AOW with their outdated equipment. The SK counter-guerilla/intelligence warfare wings are probably alot more better than their American counterparts, but the regular infantry forces may not be as on par with the US Army infantry (ROKMC is the exception if you count Marines as naval infantry) due to less attention being paid to them - an unpleasant term for them in guerilla warfare is "meatshield for the civilian populance until the SpecOps arrive".

The 707th are very professional - there is a tale about how a team of 4 managed to get to a rendevous point 12 hours earlier than their foreign counterparts in a training exercise in US. Since the operation involves crossing over an area including open field manned by the US Army Rangers or Airborne. A couple of British snipers hiding nearby vouched for the Koreans, so they were asked, "How do you get here so fast?"

They answered in broken English, "We go grass area.", meaning that they crossed the open field undetected, in the middle of the afternoon. The only mistake they made was not detecting the 2 snipers (talk about British humour).

If there is an outbreak of violence, I don't think I want to be a North Korean guerilla even though I may get to smack those South-Korean brats around.

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