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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
Sorry, I have to call BS on that. Try putting a 7.62x51 downrange 400m with an L96A1 under tremedous pressure. With an increased heartrate, your aim gets screwed - it takes more than technique to keep that 10x crosshairs on your target.

If you want to talk about air rifles with mitigated recoil, heartrate still counts. So does focus, concentration, increased blood pressure........I think a basic sniper selection test serves a better understanding than an air rifle training programme.
Sure, but where is the physical fitness? As I (later edited in), an 8 months pregnant woman could compete in Olympic Shooting, with seemingly no negative consequences on her performance.

I would never have a hope of doing well in any Olympic Sport (due to being tremendously unfit), but with a lot of practice, I could do well in Shooting. My lack of any physical ability would not set me back. Sense of timing and self control is not the same as, say, the physical strength to throw a javelin.

EDIT: It's also not particularly great to watch. Certainly, between shooting and wrestling, I'd choose wrestling.
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