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I suppose that I need to settle down now and get at least one of my grinds finished instead of chipping away at all of them at once.

But which?

T20 to Pershing with about 50000 XP remaining. (All modules researched.)
T29 to T32 with 98000 XP remaining. (All modules researched.)
IS to IS-3 with 67000 XP remaining. (D-25T not researched.)

I'm not including the Panther II to E-50 grind because it would take quite a bit more focus on it than I'm into right now. And over 100K XP. The grind for the final 105mm gun on the Tiger II would only take about 35000 more XP, but the 88 L/71 seems fairly wimpy when half the time I'm on the bottom rung of the matchmaker, so it's not really high up my list right now either.
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