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Originally Posted by Swampstorm View Post
You're being a bit too vague for me. For starters, what would you say is her "established character"? Also, what would you consider to be a "consistant" action for Sheryl to have taken, in place of what she actually did? Can you point to some specific examples of contradictions in her character? If you can flesh out your ideas somewhat, then perhaps we can discuss this more effectively. I see your opinion, but not the why, yet.

Just for clarification, your stance towards the cast, whatever it may be, doesn't matter to me in the slightest. I'm mainly interested in seeing how you think.
Alright, despite your somewhat arrogant tone I will give you the low down:

From the first few episodes I get that she is essentially a character that likes to portray a glamorous and confident persona on stage (though occasionally events have overwhelmed her like in episode 07 where the mask fell briefly), while having a playful and more straight up persona off stage while secretely holding feelings of loneliness and an empty void in her lifestyle, which the earring was supposed to symbolize. I gathered that all by the time we had the episode where she talked about Macross Galaxy.

Now from time to time she has had almost polar opposite and different personalities or reactions to events while off stage that seem to go more with the themes of the episode rather then the normal straight up, somewhat witty and flirtatious personality she normally shows (end of episode 4, during the date in episode 05 etc). In episode 03 however she was portrayed as some sort of ultra wise and learned type when she was locked in the hatch with Ranka and Alto and during the scene where she talked with Ranka after getting in her car about pursuing her talent (though she didn't seem to hold herself to the same standards as the advice she dispensed), and in episode 08 it's the exact opposite, she is instead portrayed in her offstage persona as somewhat of an arrogant bimbo who doesn't know her up from her down when trying to catch the panty thieving Carbuncle thing and is so brash as to run off the top of a building before realizing what she's done.

I guess I should say my problem with some parts of her characterization don't have to do with lack of defination so much as her character occasionally being one of unwitting hypocrisy in that at times she's at times portrayed as the pinnacle of wisdom in the life advice that she dispenses to Alto and Sheryl with impunity (Episode 5 during the writing of the lyrics, parts of episode 03 while in the hatch), but then turns around and doesn't seem to follow her it herself, getting into fits of brash arrogance and lack of focus on what is important. This only comes across though when the episode sees fit to portray her in that light (episode 08, parts of episode 3 again [this episode has her more all over the place then any other episode in the series] while in the hatch and fretting about the situation and just having to get out of there despite it being unsafe [but holy smokes, don't you go getting upset because you're afraid Ranka] and 4, while talking with Alto after tripping him). Essentially what I think is going on is they are trying to make Sheryl look as cool as they possibly can within whatever context they are dealing with, but don't realize that it mucks up her character.

To summarize, why does she come across in her offstage persona as world-wise and "A woman who knows what she wants and needs" as she often tries to tell people how to think about things, but quite often (but not always, which makes it even more awkward) fails to show this stance in a lot of her actions and reactions? That question I need answered before I can feel her as more strongly defined and her potential as a character realized. Really I think they should have just picked one or the other. Either gone with the cool and smooth flirtatious "knows what she wants type", the life experienced type who can show Ranka and Alto the way, or the brash, arrogant and impulsive type as these traits all at the same time (but not really since only one set comes up when required) just seem poorly meshed from time to time when I stop to think about it.
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