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Look, there is really no inconsistency with Sheryl. She is the kind of woman who will not take a beating lying down. Yes, she isn't perfect, and she has feelings too, but her arrogance and pride would demand her not admitting any of them unless she was sure she had someone she can trust (Alto, who knows its 'healthy' to keep Sheryl's secrets).

She makes the best out of the worst situations, we've seen that. She adapts quickly and responds quickly, thats her and there is nothing wrong with it. As a comparison, Alto is a more straight forward person, but both of them share one same quality, they both have a clear idea of what they want and sought to attain them (despite exercising slightly different methods in the process).

Sheryl isn't omnipotent, and she is no Lacus Clyne.

But she doesn't make irrational choices like Lacus Clyne, where in the events of Destiny she was saved by pure luck many times! Nor does Sheryl overly-rely on Alto to attain her goal.

Ranka on the other hand, requires a catalyst. Such is her character, which, needless to say, is different from both Alto and Sheryl.

- Tak
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