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Well, I kinda like Sheryl cus I know she's a Tsundere, and I'm a die-hard Tsundere-kei. She hasn't really shown her dere dere side yet but you know it's there. I think that the culture of Macross Frontier is a distinct mix of Western and Japanese culture (I mean, downtown SF is right next to Shibuya I think), and while Ranka-chan is the prototypical cute Japanese teen, Sheryl is more of a what the Japanese imagine as the ideal Westernized girl (independent, sexy, a little crazy, etc.). Although she isn't a typical tsundere, I think we'll see her blush soon enough. I still think the primary pair is still Alto x Ranka, so I'm not sure who Sheryl will end up with yet... What I do know is that she will continue to sing and rack up decent Oricon numbers.
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