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I much prefer the 2d
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I don't see Alto x Ranka the maturity level seems to be way off, her shyness may cause him to feel a little something for her. But how he acts with Sheryl they're pretty much already mutual they've kissed once (mostly Sheryl did it but how Alto acted after the kiss) and at the Zenteradi mall she kissed him and he was like awe struck and didn't freak on her which seems like something he would do. Sheryl plays the boy with Alto she teases him and he trys to tease her on some level and well fails they definantly have something going on, and Sheryl hits on him alot obviously hes aware (hopefully) and he dosn't stop it.

I realize I suck with words and grammar and shit but yea if you didn't understand one fckin word I just said or how I said it. Mainly saying Sheryl x Alto seems more normal and agreeing with Tak
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