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Originally Posted by mantidor
In my school no one was over 18 years old, or any school I can think of, there maybe is someone over 18 but almost everyone is underaged.

I get the metal detector idea from "never been kissed" and "pay it forward" movies. The harrasment kids suffer in those movies is horrible, so I ask you, is really like that?
Not my school - and I went to a public high school.

Then again,my school had no concept of 'jocks', 'nerds', the bitchy cheerleaders, etc. etc.

My college is NOT a singles bar - pretty much all the girls I meet have boyfriends - even the ones I have no real interest in. SF State is the home of 'girls with boyfriends who go to other schools'.

College rocks - you can take classes you have interest in/more interest in than the alternatives.
I took Anthropology instead of Bio, and Astronomy instead of Chemistry.

In high school (as far as in-class stuff goes) you're taught to just do what the teacher says.

"I think this poem is a metaphor for the death of his cat - what do you think, class?"
Class: Yeah, uh huh. Okay.

In college, the teacher actually WANTS to hear other opinions.
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