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You can't break down religion with logic. Hell I'm a reasonable person and an advocate for science and reason, but the thing is religion or faith. It's hard to discribe for me it's something you feel, you know. When I look at the Sun when I look at my hand I just feel there is a God. Can you figure out love with science(hell it should only last a few years if you look at your hormones)? Hell if just look at how humans are made monogamy is bullshit to begin with, but still we strife for it. Why? I don't know we just feel that it's the right. To begin with I never really had much despair to begin with, but I pray in the good times and in the bad times. You might argue I do it for the small chance he might exists, but hell I don't gamble on small chance. Especially if you look at how much time mine takes.

And hell a non-believer can hardly grasp what a believers feels.
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