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Guess That Anime Melody Christmas Edition
The first four are too easy to guess.
Spoiler for #1:

Spoiler for #2:

Spoiler for #3:

Spoiler for #4:

4 out of 4, way easy prepare for the difficult part

The last one would require lots of anime music knowledge
Spoiler for #5:

Some hints
001. Osaka
002. the anime halted then continued where it stop after several years.
003. 150 million yen
004. actually I didn't figure this one out.
005. Mon to Sun different hairstyle.
006. actually I didn't figure this one out.
007. ore no imouto's grandfather.
008. If I just do absolutely nothing, life will pass by, without anything happening.
009. too short to figure out.
010. Despair.
011. Super Saiyan look Ban Midou using weapons.
012. April Fools
013. Diabetis
014. too short to answer.
015. it's on my mind can't answer.
016. too short to answer.
017. Trance ability, Gonzo.
018. didn't know the song at all.
019. the lead seems to like a cougar.
020. too short to figure out.
021. loli turning into a lady for the first two seasons. Definitely not Full Moon or Fancy Lala.
022. jets, later on space jets.
023. too short to answer.
024. The start of Fake Personality.
025. too short to answer.
026. Before the remake where I love the ending song with the last part "Itsu Made Mo"
027. don't know the answer.
028. can't figure it out.
029. Manny Pacquiao.
030. Unlock the Heart.
031. can't figure it out.
032. it's on my mind can't just guess it.
033. Henshin using solar system.
034. who let the dogs ancestors out?
035. I'm not Junk.
036. Angels and Dragons.
037. I don't even know the music.
038. Nagi Sanzenin's pet.
039. Gonzo's early triumph, later on I was surprised that she is a he.
040. I had enough of tomato juice.
041. guess that anime melody from iponbiki that I've guess, its counterpart.
042. mir..probably wrong.
043. realistic chobits.
044. I hate number 8 and its seiyuu.
045. I thought it was gla.. probably I'm not right.
046. Definitely its not a train wreck.
047. I can't get a complete grasp of the old anime song.
048. an anime shown in axn, small as a thumb.
049. there is a real action movie many way years back created before the anime version.
050. Do you want to die?
051. episode 15 or 16, where both main characters practiced/tried kissing.
052. my memory is blurr to recall this anime song.
053. can't figure this one out.
054. too short to figure out.
055. too short to answer this.
056. Muppet show.
057. barely need more of the song to answer.
058. Age 19+ and above is A okay.
059. chibi Grandma turning into a cute DFC loli.
060. barely, almost there short.
061. way old anime song, can't remember.
062. why he has to die at the end?
063. don't know the answer.
064. another bad end, what's with characters turning into animals this is not F.Basket/Ranma.
065. can't get it once.
066. can't get it twice.
067. can't get it thrice.
068. Ruri Gokou's hidden favorite.
069. can't get it for the fourth time.
070. can't get it for the fifth time.
071. Why it ended @50 (Moses), at least the other series gets a second season.
072. Ika Musumes' long lost grandma.
073. The remake of something failed. This is the first pit stop of three year endless troll.
074. Forgot the anime song.
075. Baka Baka Imouto.
076. Too short to answer.
077. Forgot the title and from what anime is song, although I knew it.
078. Same goes can't get it right.
079. Why does she have to die so young, her song used three years later as a homage.
080. Mecha anime? Can't get this one out.
081. I'm not Orange.
082. Again too short.
083. where did I last hear it again?
084. can't get it.
085. Gonzo again, this time Flame of Recca 2.0
086. Falling to Cougar end is sweet. Probably Ika Musume's mother?
087. Wing is successful but this is not.
088. can't get it.
089. The first black tsundere.
090. Oro... wrong anime can't get it.
091. A romance/school type anime that I forget.
092. Mr. Mysterious
093. Why he have to die of illness, feel so sad back then.
094. too short to guess, although the music is in my mind.
095. To Love-Ru with flames and less harem.
096. My favorite anime during college, I should have tried examing twice-thrice in an elite uni.
097. can't answer.
098. One of them died so sad with three left during the epilogue...
099. can't answer.
100. My favorite anime during highschool, then rewatched it this year. The best love triangle.

I got only 53 out of 100, good luck to anyone who can guess all of it right.
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