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I like to think the Sharingan as a great power.

And as Uncle Ben once said , "with Great Power comes Great responsibilities."

I'm just sayin. Look at all those with godlike powers and half of them became war torn killing machines of death.

About Sasuke's chakra becoming colder and darker , its more of his hatred growing instead of his powers developing. Surely his powers are increasing near tenfold , but so is his hatred. Each time his hatred for something increases his strength increases. Hatred overwhelms a person and Sasuke is exactly just that as he lets himself be blinded by hatred. Thats why his chakra slowly deviates to be colder and more evil as his hatred increases.

Thanks to a certain someone whispering warped and twisted ideas to him 24/7
When you hate others you hate yourself. When you forgive them you too are saved. - Asakura Keiko
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