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Originally Posted by Sabaku Kyu View Post
I don't think it's bull. I veto the bull vote.
I'm not sure what you vetoed since what I called bull was saying that Shika's action weren't motivated by revenge, not that he was exactly similar to Sasuke
Your first paragraph is true but has nothing to do with the point I raised. Of course Shika situation isn't the same as Sasuke. To start with what they suffered can't be compared and then he got his revenge within a week. Have Shika return to Konoha to find everybody dead at the hand of Hidan and then fail to return the favor for the next decade and we could talk.
I'd disagree about Kakashi though, the man flatly said to Sasuke to forgot about revenge, period. That was a very stupid thing to say and obviously it didn't work. Had he acted the way he did with Shika (ie proposing to enable his revenge through his help) instead of blabbing about revenge being bad then maybe things could have turned differently.
You also say that you're not sugarcoating it but that's pretty much all you did. Shika didn't go after Hidan because he was part of the team (he and dozens of others that is) sent after him, he (and his 2 friends who weren't even part of the mission to begin with) went after Hidan because he wanted revenge for his teacher, period. That's why Kakashi told Tsunade that it was no use to tell him not to go, because he would refuse blindly to follow order and go on his own anyway and so it was better to go along with him because at least they stood a better chance that way. There was no duty rational behind that, Hidan murdered Asuma and Shika burried him alive for it.

Sandaime actually tried to negotiate with the Uchiha through diplomacy.
Mistranslation, obviously Sandaime didn't negociate with the Uchiha clan about their "secret" coup, else they would have known thet had been busted. He tried to negociate with the Elders and Danzou about their decision to kill them all.
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