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[QUOTE=Sabaku Kyu;3942025]I don't think it's bull. I veto the bull vote.

You can't really categorize what Shikamaru did with what Sasuke's doing. Sasuke is obsessed revenge and would do anything to see that he gets it: Betray his village, hurt or kill loyal friends and innocents, ally himself with lowest scum around--anything to get back at the people that cause him to lose his clan. Shika wouldn't have sought revenge if it meant betraying his village or purposely hurting people he cared about. He did disobey a direct order to go after Akatsuki, but I don't think he was anywhere remotely close to the path Sasuke was taking, if he was, Kakashi would've given him the same speech he gave Sasuke about revenge instead of aiding him.

I'm not going to sugarcoat and say that what Shika, Ino and Chouji did wasn't revenge, but I've always seen it more about them taking personal responsibility. Asuma and Shika were part of a mission to eliminate two Akatsuki threats and Asuma died trying accomplish the mission. It always seemed that what was ultimately important to Shika and co. wasn't getting revenge on Hidan and Kakuzu, but as his pupils, finishing what Asuma started to honor him.

The Uchica weren't murdered because of the Kyuubi attack...this is the reason they were segregated. The clan was killed because they were planning a coup against Konoha. And there was really no need for a trial because there was no doubt about their conspiracy. Sandaime actually tried to negotiate with the Uchiha through diplomacy. When that failed, Danzou and the Elders took matters into their own hands--or rather put it into Itachi's hands.

I agree with that, though I'll admit Itachi was in a really desperate situation. From what it seems like, the Uchiha were pretty adamant about rebelling against Konoha. There's no telling what would've happened had the coup actually happened.

But at best, I would consider Itachi a victim.[/QUOTEtj

this is just something to throw out there, a what if situation. so what if kakuza and hidan did something total tragic to another village. and the village in question had a really good reason to go after them. and tsunada tells team asuma you cant go after then due to political reasons, such as the village that was hurt by the akatski would be willing to go to war if they could not be the ones to deal with them. the question is, well does team asuma do nothing, who gets the call here. the point is in naruto world the people sasuke is after are powerful in a political sense, so if he goes after them its bad because it may start a war, but if its just a criminal the atitude is hey its ok to go after them. but really what is sasuke supposed to do, just forget about it because of political reasons, this is his family we are talking about. who is going to sit on this and not do something about it.

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