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I'm saying that for someone who's only concern is securing Konoha from the power Sharingan is capable of that's the clearest course of action. And it's the only one ensured to be permanent. It's horrifying, but yeah, it makes sense to me

Dude that's really sad to resort to such a cruel method, but doing this action to me means that person does not really have a conscience or doesn't really give a damn about human-life, seriously. This is Narutoverse and it's ninja's we're dealing with so the actions would be very militarist in nature, cruel but effective.

At lease I could give Itachi credit for that, in that he suffered internally after doing such an inhumane act.

Sasuke's stay at home mom was a jounin-ranked nin, but that's besides the point.
I want proof of that

I doubt Danzou and the Elders wanted the clan dead because they believed every single Uchiha down to the last man, woman and child was evil. And I don't believe that's why Itachi chose to kill the clan. As long as the clan survived the future threat would be there. Yeah, Sasuke's aunt & uncle are harmless. What about their children? Their grandchildren? The Kyuubi and the threat of rebellion pushed those fears to the breaking point. It's always seemed strange to me that Sarutobi didn't do more to try to stop it, but hey, maybe he felt there was no choice left either.
That my friend is called FEAR, well fear of the unknown, it's just like GOWIII when Zeus became fearful of Kratos after Kratos kicked Aries ass, so he took front first before Kratos rampage got out of control but this is Kratos and eventually they all got pwned

But this is where the Hokage could've made a huge difference, as I said before after the 9 tails attack the Uchiha were wrongfully accused which lead to their segregation and removal from Konoha's general affairs. The Hokage and the Elders should've given them a fair shake before pointing fingers and labelling,

So answer me this if one black guy vandalizes a neighbourhood your'e saying all other black people living in the community should be punished because black people are generally dangerous and any other black person would be a threat? This is just like that movie Rosewood, where a white lady gets raped by another white male and she pins it on a poor black guy who did not know shit what was going on and because of that the rest of the whites in Rosewood decides to lynch and kill all other black persons living in Rosewood because of the supposed actions of one black guy hence they saw it fit all blacks should pay because they would eventually become very unruly and bad and threaten their safety and destabilize Rosewood, does that sound like a good reason to go open season on all blacks in that community? But your'e okay with it right? as long as Rosewood is in peace.

Hitler had the same ideology too, he saw Jewish people as well as other minorities as unfit, ungodly and a probable threat to the pure white race or Nazis hence his notable act for mass genocide on all Jews in Poland, Austria (I think) during WWII, doing that will ensure that the world would be a better place, was his action valid to ensure that the world would be better off without minorities?

I hope I'm not being too racist or being too offensive in using these examples when I'm making my point but I'm trying to comprehend why everyone is okay with the genocide killing so I'm being rational about this.

Itachi left Sasuke alive, but he wanted the Uchiha legacy to die. That wouldn't happen as long as there was a clan to rally the Uchiha. Madara's was the true enemy of course, but even as dangerous as he is, he's still a single, tangible threat. The clan was scores, maybe hundreds of uncertainties and each generation brings more. A Uchiha might be a loyal shinobi like Obito, or they could become the next Madara.
Exactly how can anyone tell whose the next Madara? Fear of the uncertainty, but still that's no valid reason for committing Genocide. Let's flip the script suppose one of the Senju Clan members or any other clan in Konoha becomes even worst than Madara and started a coup de tat then what, kill off his entire clan as well right? The point is there would always be another Madara or Harishima,we don't know, it just like Al Queada, Bin Ladin's dead but there might always be another Bin Ladin and he/she could be worse.

How would they do that? As Konoha's elite police force, the Uchiha were already the ones enforcing Konoha's laws. Plus, it was Konoha's harsh policies that drove them to plot rebellion in the first place. They're going to remedy that by being even stricter?
If I remember correctly the 2nd Hokage establish that as puppet organisation to keep them in check and to make the Uchiha "feel important in the village". I already wrote one ultimatum whereby the remaining members of the clan could either choose to stay in konoha or leave peacefully, quietly and not work with konoha and form their own village, it's that simple. If you don't like it, leave. I'm pretty sure Sarutobi being a rational and reasonable Hokage who would want to avoid meaningless bloodshed and strife would opt for this. Besides Sasuke even said himself where Konoha didn't really want the Uchiha around and were being very prejudical towards the clan.

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