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The actions of Tobi which caused the 9 tails village disaster in Konoha eventually lead to the Uchiha Clan massacre because Danzo and the Elders suspected an Uchiha was behind the disaster since the Uchiha can control the 9 tails, this immediately lead to the Uchiha Clan facing segregation and eventual shunning from the village which lead them wanting to rebel against Konoha which lead to the Danzo and the Elders taking drastic measures a la itachi.

The Uchiha Clan didn't or probably couldn't get a chance to voice their concerns after the 9 tails attack, they were immediately suspected and shunned by the Elders which lead to their feelings of contempt and their attempted coup which failed. Hence the actions of one (Tobi: An Uchiha) lead to the demise of all (The Uchiha Clan), which is why they should've just pack up and leave the village immediately after that disaster instead of facing poor treatment causing them to plot a coup.

And you even stated it yourself they were under suspicion but I think it's after the 9 tails attack that the suspicion went from bad to worse and not during the 2nd Hokage's time.
That's great, except your entire argument is that they were condemning the entire clan for the actions of one guy. Problem is that they didn't know about that one guy, and were just suspecting the clan as a whole. They didn't know about Tobi; what they knew was that they had an entire clan of people with a Dojutsu that could control the Kyuubi, and a seemingly random Kyuubi attack to find explanation for. Suspecting the one clan with the means to do exactly that seems a fairly sound assumption to make.

You can argue all day that in reality the Uchiha Clan was taken out because of one guy, and you'd be right. But because the Elders didn't know about that and were condemning the clan as a whole, that distinction really doesn't matter.

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The mangaka is the main valid source of proof for me, those databooks are moot. In most of the Naruto Chapters I've seen so far with Sasuke's Mom was she being an obedient Housewife, probably back in her heydays she was a jounin but we cannot say for sure now can we? Speaking of which are all of the rookie 9 parents still in active ninja duty because the only team whose parents still perform ninja duties were from Asuma's team InoShikaCho (well their dads at least).
...You are aware that the databooks are all information compiled by the mangaka himself, right? So unless I'm mistaken on that, yes, any information found on Mikoto in the databooks is official.
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