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That's great, except your entire argument is that they were condemning the entire clan for the actions of one guy. Problem is that they didn't know about that one guy, and were just suspecting the clan as a whole. They didn't know about Tobi; what they knew was that they had an entire clan of people with a Dojutsu that could control the Kyuubi, and a seemingly random Kyuubi attack to find explanation for. Suspecting the one clan with the means to do exactly that seems a fairly sound assumption to make.

You can argue all day that in reality the Uchiha Clan was taken out because of one guy, and you'd be right. But because the Elders didn't know about that and were condemning the clan as a whole, that distinction really doesn't matter.
That's the funny thing, itachi knew about that one guy (Tobi) and said nothing, the 4th new also but unfortunately he died. What did itachi do? He kept quiet, killed his entire family save for Sasuke only to drive him hellbent on revenge and then works with Tobi, the one guy who started all of this mess to keep him in "check" which apparently he sucked at, so yeah. Itachi could've told his did Fugaku or the Elders, hell even both and it will be the Village and the Uchiha after Tobi's head. But the ugly side occured
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