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That's the funny thing, itachi knew about that one guy (Tobi) and said nothing, the 4th new also but unfortunately he died. What did itachi do? He kept quiet, killed his entire family save for Sasuke only to drive him hellbent on revenge and then works with Tobi, the one guy who started all of this mess to keep him in "check" which apparently he sucked at, so yeah. Itachi could've told his did Fugaku or the Elders, hell even both and it will be the Village and the Uchiha after Tobi's head. But the ugly side occured
Probably because he knew that telling them wouldn't be a permanent solution. While the whole suspicion thing was what drove the Uchiha to planning a coup d'etat, it was only the straw that broke the camel's back as it were; it was just thrown on top of the years of dissatisfaction the Uchiha had suffered because of the 2nd sweeping them aside. So while informing them of Tobi may have dissolved the suspicion thing (and may not have; even if Tobi wasn't affiliated with the Uchiha when he did it, he did do it using the Sharingan), it would have done nothing to solve the issue at large. It may have opened the road to some measure of negotiation, but there's no telling how much that would accomplish.
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