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Well, it's time to talk about how things turned out after the tumultuous battle involving Sayaka was ended by someone with an H-name who seemingly hates her for some reason or another. Of course, as this particular update seems to be centered more around her than anything, I'll be temporarily replacing the Tasty Dark Chocolate/Empty Candy Dish titles with very lame Sayaka-oriented song jokes. Because that makes perfect sense.

Like the Power Glove, I'm so bad...

Spoiler for Shiny Happy Miki Feeling Glad:
And now for some mood whiplash!
Spoiler for No Kyousuke, So Cry:
Long story short, nice job here.

Also, I feel I should apologize for something. I would've gotten this out sooner, but it's been a somewhat rough couple of days for me. I know that's not really a good excuse, but I still feel bad about taking as long as I have.
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