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I really hope they do a third season. Theres so much they havnt covered. Specifically the last two hives in Karlsland and Orussia. That and I would really like to see the following witches make an appearance:

1) Adolphine Galland
2) Gundula Rall
3) Elizabeth Beurling
4) Catherine O'Hare

I really hope though at some point they do something, even a short OVA, covering Africa (After reading the manga I REALLY want to see Rommel make it into Strike Witches) But maybe if they do something with Karlsland there will be a better chance of seeing him make an appearance. Though I am glad they finally added ground war in with the movie (Tigers!) cant wait to see Funimation pick that up.

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<< This.

I'm not so sure why they keep bringing the entire 501 JFW every time there's a new SW anime (especially Mio and Minna.) Wouldn't it be more reasonable to bring some members of the 501 JFW back as well as some new characters? Junko Takei was another witch from Fuso who had potential for another main character. (Not to mention Amaki Suwa and Nishiki Nakajima.) Just sayin'.
I think you're missing the point. They keep bringing them back because they ARE the Strike Witches, and as long as the series is called that, they are always going to be front and center simply because they aren't going to go killing people off as the show is light-hearted at heart. I'd rather they brought it more wings for joint ops than tamper with the vanguard elite.
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