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^ PK users each have a mantra, sort of a magic spell thing they used to release their power. when the monk saw them talking to the library/minoshiro, he sealed their power and also caused them to forget their own mantrathat's why all five of them cant use their powers.

Saki was able to unlock Satoru's power because 1) she knows Satoru's mantra from a trick she used back in school with the notepad ( but take note she doesn't know her own mantra )
2) She was able to deduce that the "sealing"/"unsealing" ritual was similar or maybe even exactly the same as the coming of age ritual they have all experienced. So she just used that ritual to "give back" Satoru's mantra to him. Which is why Satoru can use cantus/PK

** it is noteworthy that Shun was able to remember his mantra on his own, BUT still unable to release his power since it required that hypnotic ritual.
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