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Man this episode and to some extent the whole arc kind of suffered from an issue I've noticed with a lot of A-1 pictures produced adaptations where there's clearly an effort to start blitzing through arcs creating a disjointed narrative in order to get to more meaty parts of a story. Sword Art Online, Magi and now this show are all kind of starting to suffer from this. This whole arc in the wilderness feels like it was initially planned to be a lot longer and more detailed but got cut down to about an hours worth of content overall to the detriment of being able to grasp and take in all that went on. Really quickly you have the kids splitting off from each other and getting lost, getting roped into this inter-colony war, losing and regaining their cantus, bumbling around and doing a few things to help out the queerats, introducing another colony faction and then suddenly stumbling back into contact with each other and then immediately being back home within a couple minutes of doing so. Hopefully it doesn't cause problems for whatever is to come in the future. It feels like this arc could have lasted at least 6 episodes, but was about half that time.

I'm usually not one that likes to claim "ZOMG Rushed!" all that often, but it's hard not to notice some of the more awkward transitions this arc and how it feels like there were things that were supposed to have happened in-between some events to lead the characters into the situations they find themselves in. It's also becoming increasingly obvious that they probably don't have a enough time to do proper exposition in the show so a lot of key events that probably had a lot of dialogue and fleshing out in the novel are being handled as visual metaphors to get the point across. Fortunately this is one tactic I think has worked for the show so far, I just hope it holds up. How they handle the next arc of the show is probably going to play a big part in deciding whether this show becomes something special this season or just another solid intrigue piece on a season that has quite a few that are starting to pull a little ahead of it on that front simply by having a little better pacing and more concise world building.

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