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I just caught up with the series after missing some episodes, so I think everything has been said already... just one thing, though: it's getting really difficult to take the bakenezumi seriously. Maybe it's the way they look, maybe it's the clichéd samurai-esque outfit Kiroumaru had in this episode (seriously, come on, it's rat people 1000 years in the future!), maybe it's the sheer impossibility of speaking perfectly pronounced Japanese while obviously not having the mouth and teeth shapes for it (okay, this is probably just nitpicking but I find it jarring)... Anyway, I'm glad the show seems to be moving away from them for at least a little while.

Another weird thing in this episode was Satoru randomly realizing how weird it was that kids kept disappearing from school. I thought there was some sort of memory manipulation going on, but apparently not? They just never cared when someone went missing? o_o) Did I miss something?

Also, I agree with Kaioshin Sama about the whole mini-arc feeling sort of rushed - it wasn't that bad I think, but many of the scene transitions were pretty awkward. Then again, I suppose the entire point of the arc was to introduce viewers to the world of the bakenezumi, and it did a good job on that. I guess it's not the anime's fault that the whole "rat people" thing is pretty hard to swallow.

Ah well, aside of all these, the show is still great, and I look forward to the timeskip and the changes it brings. (Ha, finally Shun and Satoru have their "who is the alpha male here, anyway" fight?)
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