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The storytelling problems are more likely caused by Sogo Masashi who is responsible for the series composition. In the past he has responsible for Fairy Tail, Bleach and Gantz (among others), and older viewers should remember very well how the last one was butchered (like Shin Sekai yori for understandable reasons), while the former two is probably what he wanted to turn the original story into

Anyway, all these problems shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, changing the theme of the novel was obvious pretty early that will make things harder, it's just that the episode directors were doing a better job during the first episodes.

Nonetheless, I hope that as the characters become older and kids fail to follow the "story", those understandable reasons will be a lessened inhibition in using the original story and developing the characters, instead of animating "Bleach fillers" in an interesting setting

PS/EDIT: I can only remember one show that had such atrocious transitions from novel chapter to chapter... KoreZon S1

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