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@Kazu-kun: romance is not sex drive (can be, but not always, particularly in popular media)

As for becoming adults next episode, they obviously won't (being back in the academy, et al according to the preview), but at least they are a little older, so some viewers won't freak out as much again (here in the forum too)

Generally, up until now, apart from the obvious to most (I hope) continuity errors, character development is forced (skipping understandably controversial material), and I talk about Saki with both Satoru and Shun (and the boys themselves, as the preview implied)... it does not follow the setting (as presented in the anime, particularly the 4th episode which tried to narrate some of the skipped character development), Maria and Mamoru are completely ditched, in order not to provoke some very annoying manga-fanboys (fangirls in the west)... dunno, I have the feeling that if I manage to read the novel, next month what I have written thus far for the anime would be too kind

It's like a NoitaminA anime, since this season that accursed zone has decent anime, and A-1 tries to cover the gap for OLs
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