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@Kuromitsu: I have to wait only 3 weeks to evade the shipping and import robbery But, to the point, it's not full of explicit sex, but it should be clear to everyone by now and only by watching the anime (ignoring synopsis, reviews and spoilers) that most of the romance (the driving force behind character development and rough entry into adulthood) devolved in the anime adaption to something that Schauble's, Romney's or Ishihara's fangirls can watch without remembering undealt personal traumas... we had NoitaminA for them
I'm watching the anime but I don't see any of what you're talking about. For one, there's romance in the anime all right - Saki's feelings for Shun are very obvious, as is Satoru having a thing for Saki. But these are young kids. I imagine the topic is going to come up more often after the timeskip when they're proper teenagers.

Even from the anime only it really doesn't seem like romance (or even sex) is the main driving force behind anything here so far. (And even in our world it's not exactly the only thing that marks entry into adulthood...) Just watching the anime it doesn't seem to be watered down at all in this area, which may be due to skillful writers, or most likely, due to not having a whole lot to water down in the first place. (Also, this is a late night anime, there's absolutely no reason to water anything down, including sex and nudity.)

Looking around on the internet, people are saying that so far the anime has been pretty faithful to the novel (and that the manga contains many diversions and original material). Obviously it can't be 100% faithful because it's an adaptation from book to anime, by people who are not the original author, but if those who have read the novel are happy with the anime so far I have no reason not to believe them.
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