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Yasaboru is one of the best crossdressing-type characters I've seen in a while. He's funny, clever and has the a bit of the cool factor in the way he both drinks and smokes. It's in contrast to the ridiculous schoolgirl outfit he wears. Mari Okada should take lessons from this on how to do crossdressing characters because the way she does it is so caveman .

Aside from that, really liked the opening episode overall. Had a zany, whacky feel to it without going balls out with the supernatural elements out from the getgo which is something I tend to dislike. Sufficiently surreal but not overly arthouse nor trying too hard. Although the visuals are simplistic and fantastical I really like the change since everything from Hanasaku Iroha to Red Data girl had that very similar photorealistic look with "Iroha-clone" character designs so it's nice to see something for a change.

I am not fond of the opening though. Who the hell hired a Shaft-like animation director for that?! It's so damn cheep looking. The song is decent and catchy though.

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