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Ugh. For a person who theoretically hasn't done anything wrong, Amarti sure is starting to look more and more like an ass. And Mark's comment about not being able to buy love with money feels like a dig at Amarti, since that's basically what Amarti is trying to do. But I might be overthinking it.

Also, I have the strong suspicion that the person who bought pyrite on credit off of Diane was Amarti himself, to deprive Lawrence of that source of pyrite. (For one thing, Lawrence himself thinks of it, which is why he keeps asking Diane who it is. And the feathers Horo is wearing look very similar to the ones Diane has, which might be another reason Lawrence is shocked.) Of course, Mark is so godly helpful that Lawrence can get it anyway, or so I'm given to understand.
why would amati give her 3 feathers?

things are heating up nicely btw.
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