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Excellent, it's good to finally have that info down. New title sounds dramatic, I hope it doesn't mean that the novels will be wrapping up soon (like, if it was the SOS Brigade that broke up...)--it seemed to me like they're just starting to get interesting with all the development in volume 7, but I retain the fear that Tanigawa could decide not to flesh out every detail of the whole fictional universe of the novels and get tired of writing more Haruhi-related stories... Well, just another month or so until we see how things look as far as that's concerned, then.

Edit: Speculation:

The way I see it, this novel was called both Honsou and Bunretsu, right? So both of those should apply to it, unless they're not as concentric to the plot as they should be (the Melancholy & Disappearance & Intrigues certainly were, IMO). I Google'd Honsou (not the best translator, I admit, especially when it could use different kanji, or what have you ...) and the first result stated, "Honsou” means to run around everywhere or to scramble for, so that things will turn out all right." Perhaps something happens which splits up something, and then it's necessary to run around trying to fix it? The way I read "honsou" as it's described (specifically, the "run around everywhere" part), I'd also be tempted to speculate that multiple, perhaps somewhat isolated occurrences cause that thing to be split up in many different ways. Thus my theory is: different issues involving different SOS brigade members occur around the same time, probably many at once at least in part, and Kyon & Haruhi (unless she's also affected? but usually they would have a plot arc just centered around her, I'd imagine, if they were to have one at all... where by "they" I just mean Tanigawa of course) have to run around and try to resolve the issues (Haruhi not necessarily knowing all of what's going on).

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