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Man, from the titles it seems like the series is reaching a major point which could signify the beginning of the end (probably not the end itself I'd guess, right? last volume being "Surprise/Shock" seems melodramatic). Of course that could be completely incorrect but don't say if it is because I don't want to read that spoiler for volume 9. And on that note:

Guess it's time to stop hanging out on IRC as I don't want to read that spoiler for volume 9.

Anyway, in spite of heightening my fears that Suzumiya Haruhi novels won't be continuing on in completely expected directions for the next three decades with these titles, this announcement just really gave me a jolt of excitement. Hmm, I wonder if season 2 could include these novels? Since the two main arcs besides Melancholy (Disappearance & Intrigues) aren't as Haruhi-centric as these two upcoming ones seem (at first glance)... Nah, probably impossible due to the tight release interval and the background necessary. ...And I probably shouldn't speculate on the anime in the novel thread (why do I find myself speculating on one in the other's thread?).
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