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Originally Posted by meh View Post
I think most people who decide to look for a light novel to read expect the book to be LIGHT, not serious. Otherwise, why go for a light novel at all? It's like a masterpiece art film not doing well at the box office. Most of the audience don't really care for this stuff. Not when there are works like Baka to Tesuto to Syokanju around.
I do not expect everyone would like it. At least, i hope more people will notice it.
I am glad you will check it out
I agree that light novel should be "light" but if anyone is tired of those kind of "light" novel. They can try this series.
Also, this should be counted as seinen novel instead of shounen. The target audience is more mature.

Originally Posted by Same_Shark View Post
What exactly is the storyline of the series?
This is a hard question because there is too many plot twists in the story.

In general, all the dead people of the world would turned into "books" stored in
the Bantorra library. Aynone could read the past of of that person when they touched the "book". Armed librarians (supposed to be the good guy) managed those "books". A religious society "Sindeki Kyoudan" was the main enemy of the armed librarian. The story was the battle between these two groups.

The most interesting thing is that the protagonist of each volume may belong to Armed librarians or may belong to Sindeki Kyoudan. The point of view changed rapidly, from Armed librarians, Sindeki Kyoudan, present or past (because the nature of the "book")

The first volume is the "love story" between two people in Sindeki Kyoudan - the human bomb Tonis (present) and mysterious girl Shiron (lived in 300 years ago). But how could this happen? That is very interesting story. By the way, the plot description in ANN is wrong. Tonis didn't fall in love with the acting chief librarian Hamyuts.
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