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Originally Posted by Illusore View Post
thank you, butterfly.

Hooves' curent sig,

was my most recent endeavor.
The text is a bit boring, but I love everything else, especially the colouring.

Originally Posted by Illusore View Post
newest sig for eternityflame
Tell me that's not Pharos? If it is I may have to squee.
For the sig itself? Pharos (lookalike) and the rabbit are a bit too bright for my tastes. I like the square effect, and I like the circle effect, but I'm not sure how well they go together. Love the colours.

Originally Posted by Illusore View Post
Shana again, again for Hooves (I think I like working with Shana, I have like five unused renders of her now... Hoooooves, prepare for Shana overload whenever you want a new sig ^-^

This is really cute/pretty, the lighting is lovely and you used the brushes really well.

I'd be surprised if anyone could make 10 in a row, I can barely make 1. Of course, not everyone loses interest as quickly as I do, so who knows. >>
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