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I miss Haruhi
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Searched it in anime planet, and it looks like Zero no Tsukaima. I will 100% look into it. I had a question tho: there are TWO Hayate no Gotoku, one with 52 episodes, and one with 25. Also, one was produced in 2007, the latter in 2009. Are they linked or what? Is the 2009 like the second season of the 2007? The idea is appealing me really much, i might even switch straight to it, and then watch princess lover and kanokon.

here comes the list btw: red marked animes are the ones i enjoyed the most.

-Haruhi Suzumiya no Yutsu: 9.5 / 9
I really enjoyed this anime, probably because it caught me in a bad moment. I enjoyed it so much that i even read the novel, up to the last work and really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next one, and for it to get animated once again. It contained tits to some extent, i also liked the character's personalities, and i shared 98% of my thoughts with the protagonist, that made me impersonate in him really much. The plot was particular, and i liked the idea. It even gave me phylosophical inspiration as far as some things were concerned. This was the effect on me. Probably it's just an over average anime, i still appreciated it much.

-Toradora: 9.5 / 8.5
Really enjoyed this anime. It contained many things i was looking for, beside it being, according to me, the best next-to-watch after Haruhi's series. It also had a good end, and that just made my opinion overgrow towards this anime. Liked it very much. I would rate it high even as far as the story was concerned.

-Amagami SS (1 and last arc): 9.5 / 9.5
I really liked this anime. The only downside? Arcs only lasted 4 episodes. If the whole story was focused on the first or last arc, this was pretty much a 10/10. Cool characters, good story, and tbh, the school love story i was looking for. Really really enjoyed it, because it portrayed the normal school environment, the growing love between the two protagonists, with an awesome end. No paranormal things or other bullshit unreal things. I liked it because it was so near to reality. I also liked Haruhi's series for the same reason: it was pretty much normal school life (Ye, here you might say: "how the fuck do you define it normal to be surrounded by aliens, espers and time travellers, beside being blocked in time loops or other dimensions?", it's true, under that point of view it isn't normal but, if you analyze it well, you can see a normal progressing school life, with anydays habits, funny summers and so on. This normality is kinda kept hidden by those four). The anime itself is a good portrait of old school days, really liked it.

-Ladies vs Butlers: 9.4 / 7.9
It just was so exciting that i couldn't not rate it high. What mostly disappointed me was that there was no real end, beside the protagonist revealing to be an idiot in the end. There was a kiss as requested tho, tits, tsundere female(or at least huge-ego boosted one) and cool moments. I found it also very funny, gave me some laugh. I enjoyed it really much. The anime itself is so so, but contained many things i really enjoyed.

-Zero no Tsukaima: 9 / 7.5
This was the first example i gave you: i enjoyed it really much, probably because the love story between the two was well played, beside it fitting my many requests. It had a bit too much fantasy in it, but the story was more focused on saito and luise, so it didn't bore me at all. An average anime on the other side. Waiting for the 4th season, since it has been left uncomplete.

-Mayo neko Overrun! : 8.9 / 7.5
It contained everything i requested, and i would have rated it 10/10 if it ended somehow. Sadly the makers didn't have much money to continue it. I still enjoyed it really much. On the otherside, i would consider it a random anime.

-Mayo chiki: 8.5 / 8
Kinda contained what i wanted, there were more than one kiss, and even tho the last episode just opened new ways, i enjoyed it much. A good anime overall, i'd say.

- The world god only knows: 8.3 / 8.9
It really made me laugh from the first episode, but it wasn't exactly what i was looking for, so dropped it for the moment. The anime itself is good and funny as hell; if i'll ever get enough time, i'll pick it up again just because i found it funny.

-Vampire+Rosario: 8 / 5.5
Pretty much contained what i was looking for, but the anime itself was a bit disappointing, especially as far as the plot was concerned; fights lasted 2mins max, and ended within a kick. The second series also bored me and i dropped it in the end. I enjoyed what i've watched tho. Mediocre anime.

-Kaichou wa maid sama: 7.9 / 8
It was a good story, the female protagonist was just HOT, and it had good graphic; on the other side i found the figure of the male protagonist a bit too unreal (perfect boy, with attitude to any sport, wanted by any girl, respected by anyone, wealthy, hard working, always saving his dear), and i hated all those scenes emoticons-like. Average anime i'd say.

-Shakugan no Shana: 7.5 / 8.5
It contained a good background story, i also liked the characters but since the story didn't evolve so much between the two, beside there weren't many hot moments or any kiss. The second series also bored me and i dropped it. A good action anime on the otherside, many cool fights and a rather acceptable plot.

-Bakemonogatari: 5 / 9
It wasn't what i was looking for, but on the other side i could appreciate(even if not fully) this work, due to its particularities, like music, graphic, and background. It was something new i hadn't ever experienced. I'm grateful to you for having showed me this title.

-School of the dead: 2 / 8
I plain don't like catastrophic/apocalyctic backgrounds, so i discarded it after the first episode. THe graphic was good on the other side, and contained hot stuff. Would be a good anime, i guess.

-School days: 0 / 0
Fucking horrible. The end just fucking ruined everything. If it didn't evolve that way (from the middle of the anime), i would have rated it 8+, but it just turned out to be some disappointing horrid shit. You know, even if you have a huge number, if you multiply it by 0, it turns to be 0, no matter how high it was. This is the case.
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