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All the main character in that list aren't really a "wimp" main character. While a few might be a bit indecisive and dense, but they are more similar to Saito or Ryuji level instead of totally useless brat. So you should be ok with them.

B gata H key might not be your thing though as the main story is center around the girl try to lose her virginity and the romance that result from it.

As for DearS and Girls Bravo, you starting to go back a bit of time, but if you like one, you should like the other. Sora no Otoshimono is a great suggestion that is more current is very similar to DearS in terms of the feel of story as well as Asobe no IkuYo.

To love Ru is good, though the main character is your staple mild mannered male who only man up when he needed to though he is surprisingly one of few main character who consistently resist the advances of lead female through out the story and only slowly warms up to her...

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