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I miss Haruhi
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Started watching IS, and it reminds me of evangelion. There are pretty girls, and i arrived to the 5th episode. I think i'll watch it, hoping it evolves in some good way with the first girl. I also hope it does have an end. It hasn't to be a definitive end, but it has to leave little to imagination, meaning that it has to end giving enough hints on how it would end, and not totally unknown final. Zero tsukaima left enough hints already after the first series, and with the following ones the end is easily imaginable (saito ending up with luise, since they both stated many times they love each other, and almost fucked).

I'll give a try to dog days and asobi;

As far as To Aru Majutsu no Index is concerned, seeing a nun there makes me.... dunno how to say, but leaves me hopeless. I can't imagine anything good growing between a boy and a full covered nun.

Getting back to IS
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