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At this point, I believe it's just a massive misunderstanding on some viewers' part. As Kanon mentioned in one of the deleted posts, if Reiko turns out to be Mikami-sensei then I'll have to concede, after all these years, that Clark Kent's disguise wasn't so retarded after all.

The character designs are sufficiently different that there is no way in my mind they could be the same person. Even if you were to discount the fact that the two are played by different voice actors, there are still the many logical inconsistencies that would crop up if they turned out to be a single individual. How could it be, for example, that none of the students including Yuuya, no less recognised Reiko as their teacher during their day trip?

Then there is the matter of the "class rules". It would have been exceedingly odd for Reiko/Mikami to ignore her nephew in school only to acknowledge him at home, for example.

And lastly, even if it turns out that Reiko and Ritsuko's (Kouichi's mother) maiden name is Mikami, unless told otherwise, we ought to at least keep in mind that there are multiple Japanese surnames pronounced the same way but written with different kanji. Reiko's "Mikami" may well not be the same as Mikami-sensei's, 三神.

Of course, it could all be an elaborate conspiracy on Reiko's part, to adopt both a disguise and an alias. If so, there had better be a very good reason for her to do so. Because if this turns out to be the twist, then I'm afraid I'd find it exceedingly lame.

That aside, yes, Reiko's hawt (I have to say, though, that her manga design was much sexier). More importantly, she's a lot closer to me in terms of age. Far less creepy for me to oggle her than jailbait.
I have a few things in response to that:

- Character designs are just that; character designs. I see Reiko/Mikami the same way I saw Kallen in Code Geass; they use different personas when in school. In this case, Reiko chose a serious persona with a more sophisticated look ( Aka makeup and getting her hair done )
- Yuuya did notice Reiko in the trip. First at the start of the ep where they meet at the car Yuuya is seen blushing. Second when they get to the beach, Yuuya gives her a watermelon while blushing.
- Class rules are just that; class rules. Besides, I don't think Mikami/Reiko could just ignore Sakakibara since they live in the same house.
- In ep 1 and 2 when Sakakibara is asked to comment on how hot Mikami is, he dodges the question. He didn't want to answer because she's his aunt. That would just be awkward.
- In ep 5 during the art club/class, Yuuya comments on Mikami's absence and whether she was sick. In ep 4, Reiko was complaining of headaches.

I hope this clears things up.
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