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Yvese, are we seriously having the same debate on two different forums?

Your circumstantial evidence is interesting, but none of it is direct evidence. And our discussion here is whether or not, given the information we have over eight episodes, Reiko and Mikami are the same person. Maybe it's a plot twist to come; maybe Reiko is the Another and this has something to do with that (in which case there will be a supernatural explanation that renders your evidence meaningless anyway). Who knows. But after eight episodes of the anime -- forget the novel, forget the manga, forget the MAL profile -- there is no direct evidence that Reiko and Mikami are the same person.

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That aside, yes, Reiko's hawt (I have to say, though, that her manga design was much sexier). More importantly, she's a lot closer to me in terms of age. Far less creepy for me to oggle her than jailbait.
I think that's something everyone in the thread can agree with!
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