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I wish posts had been moved to the speculation thread instead of deleted. I left shortly after I posted so I never got to see any of the replies, meaning I'm still as clueless as yesterday. From what I can surmise reading Hakuromatsu and TinyRedLeaf, it looks like the Mikami-sensei = Reiko was indeed a misunderstanding on the other poster's part (unfortunately, I can't remember who I replied to... sorry about that).

Spoiler for potential novel spoilers:

Anyway~ we can definitely all agree that Reiko is hot. If only she wasn't so mentally unstable... which I guess can be a turn-on for some people.

Originally Posted by AC-Phoenix View Post
I think its no longer allowed to post manga pics since it got licenced.
I can tell you that you wouldn't bee able to recognize her though.
I think it's okay to post an image of her as long as you don't post a full page.
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