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Originally Posted by Solace View Post
And you should.

It's hard to balance removing spoilers without confirming them, but in this case the problem was users referencing events that confused anime viewers because they came from outside sources, which included links to sites containing spoilers. It was better for us to just remove everything, related or not, to help preserve as much of a spoiler free environment as possible. Besides, half of those "spoilers" were wrong anyway. The downside to being a mod is you tend to get spoiled early and often in stories like this.

Reiko is certainly a beautiful woman though. If only real life was like anime, where all my relatives were young and good looking.
Thanks for the clarification.

I figured you guys had to get spoiled all the time. It must be even worse when it comes to series like this one where half of fun is in trying to figure out the answer to the mystery (at least for me). Once you know the answer, it's just not the same.

Originally Posted by TinyRedLeaf View Post

The other images are floating about in the relevant thread. It's a toss-up between cuteness and hotness, I think. Noizi Ito's Reiko is cuter, while manga Reiko is hotter (not the most representative picture, I know ).
Wow, she looks completely different. Does she not wear glasses in the manga?

Which thread are you referring to? I can't find anything in the manga thread. After all this talk about Mikami, I'd like to see what she looks like in the manga.
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