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Quakecon has come around again, which means savings (25% off) on id software and Bethesda titles over on Steam, as well as a few daily deals from August 2-5.
Today's daily deal is Skyrim (50% off / USD29.99), to celebrate the release of the Dawnguard DLC on PC.

For the duration of the sale, you can pick up the Quakecon Bundle includes all of id's and Bethesda's currently released games and DLC for around the USD100-135 mark (updated since last year to include RAGE, Skyrim and Dawnguard), with additional savings if you pre-order Dishonored on Steam (depending on your region).

If you play Team Fortress 2, you may be interested in the TF2 Quakecon Bundle (already included as part of the above Quakecon Bundle), which includes these in-game items for USD12.99: "The Original"; "Wingstick"; "Dragonborn Helmet"; "The Anger" and "Pip-Boy".
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