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There is something I never fully understood about Orochimaru, can he not use any ninjitsu without his "soul arms" (and why not)? Is this the reason he is portrayed weak after his fight with Hiruzen?
it is a little convoluted but i think he can only use summonings and mouth oriented techniques. in his fight with 4 tails naruto those are all he uses. i think that any techniques that require hand seals are off limits. when he got a new body he was able to move his arms again, but i think the hand seals were still not available

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What if the death god was actually Rikudou-Sennin? That would be valid enough justification for his reappearance in the story...
heh i've thought about that, but it just seems too weird. it's also possible that the death god (who or whatever it is) is 'the one who knows everything'
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